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Danyang Qiaomenglai Waterbeds Co. LTD is one of the leading waterbed manufacturers worldwide. In the case that you search for a factory that will design and manufacture your perfect waterbed system, we are the right choice for you.

OEM and ODM waterbed products: Manufacturing waterbeds, special sleep systems and accessories after your requirement and design is our speciality. We carry out your ideas and help you also gladly with the improvement and advancement of existing products

Waterbed products: We can offer secure liners (outliner, inliner, splitliner), watermattresses, foam rails set, waterbed covers, waterbed heaters, waterbed accessories. OEM, ODM or standard products.

Completely waterbeds: We are one of a few real waterbed manufacturers that can offer you a useful complete waterbed-set. A complete standard waterbed contains the following components: special watermattress cover, waterbed heater, foam rails, out- and inliner, secureliner.

Bedframes and headboards: We manufacture and design bedframes and headboards for waterbeds and other kind of mattresses. Made of massive wood, veneer and upholstered with real and artifciual leather or microfiber. OEM, ODM or standard products.

Waterbed-vinyl / film and valves: In the case that you search waterbe vinyl foils (different sorts of PVC) in a special quality for your own waterbed factory or you need original or copied waterbed-valves, then we can offer you many variations of foils welded Waterbed Shells or valve sets.

High quality and discount waterbed-products: Equal what you search. We are the perfect partner for you.

Gel bed products: Our gel bed toppers are made of solid gel and other special sleep products for innovative and most comfortable sleep

Visit the waterbed factory: Our factory is located in Danyang China. If your schedule is ok, you are welcome for a visit. Please just advise once your schedule is confirmed. As our company worked with customers for many OEM and ODM projects, it will not be convenient to open internal working and manufacturing places for visiting. Please kindly note and understand.

Because we manufacture the Waterbeds in China and because of more than 10 years experience we can offer our special sleep products made of vinyl, foam and textiles for the best price and quality. We not only copy the standard. Qiaomenglai and their managers and engineers developed many new special sleep product innovations. Test us now!

We can manufacture waterbeds with the most durable Mesamoll 2 foils invented by BAYER AG from Germany.

Once a rare item of furniture, waterbeds have now become a satisfactorily worked means of combating sleep and back problems to be taken seriously

Advantages of waterbeds: It’s a fact that we all spend around one third of our lives – around 25 years – asleep! Yet we don’t always wake up refreshed after this vital rest: inferior mattresses, too soft or too hard, create pressure points on the skin and disturb the circulation over large areas of the body. We change our position up to 80 times a night to restore circulation, each time unconsciously interrupting our sleep; on top of that, awkward sleeping positions adopted to prevent that familiar feeling when a limb “goes to sleep” can result in tension.

Waterbeds counteract this: they support the body evenly making it virtually weightless. As a result, they prevent pressure points building up and ensure correct circulation – with a longlasting effect, whatever the position the sleeper is in.

In addition, since a waterbed tailored to the body gives optimum relief to the spinal column, the intervertebral disks have an excellent chance to recover overnight.

The evenly warm temperature of the waterbed also helps counteract muscle tension.

Physiotherapists often recommend waterbeds to people suffering from back problems. Those with sleep problems have also reported significant improvements in their condition.

Being free from dust mites, waterbeds are also claimed to benefit those who suffer from allergies. Indeed, waterbeds are actually a more hygienic alternative to foam mattresses since they are easier to clean and are not permeated by sweat and rubbed off particles of skin.

We work on to develop and perfect the today's water bed. Many innovations of the waterbed market are produced in our factory.


Waterbed version Split
This Waterbed model is one of the most sold in the european waterbed market. Many brands want it in different versions of foam rails or artificual leather covers for the Split Waterbed Decoration.

Here you will see the detailed description of the waterbed / watermattress Split


Waterbed version Standard
This waterbed version is sold to all over the world in different kinds of foam rails, covers and watermattress.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress Standard


Waterbed products like foam rails, waterbag / watermattress, liners, matress covers, waterbed heaters
We, as one of the leading waterbed manufacturers worldwide, can offer you any product around the waterbed system. If you don`t find what you want feel free to contact us.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress articles like Foam Rails, Mattress Covers, Waterbags and Liners, Waterbed Heaters.


Joining of Plastics and Composites for manufacturing a waterbed or Watermattress  

Welding a special Waterbed-PVC-Foil to manufacture the watermattress.

Process Description of welding a waterbed or watermattress with Radio Frequency

Waterbed-Foils: Plastics and Composites for manufacturing waterbed foils

Other special sleep products: medical mattresses, gel bed, gel mattress, gel pillows, water pillows, gel sheets, air mattress.



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