Product Name: Standard Softside Waterbed

Standard Mattress height: 20 cm
Sizes: All sizes
System: Solo or Dual system with thermal divider or other solutions
Mattress Cover: Medicott, Damast or Double Jersey textile cover with and without middle zippers certified with ÖKO-TEX 100
Flotation of the mattress: Individual firmness / quantity of fibers inside
Fiber: Tethered on the bottom or free-swimming. Different qualities of fiber
Secure Liner: Outliner or Inliner with or without "L" reinforced corner
Waterbed Vinyl / PVC: You can choice between different vinyl qualities from China or Import
Waterbed Valve: Original Blue Magic Valves or cheaper versions
Packing: Standard export packing
Waterbed Heaters: You have the choice between the most popular european heating systems.

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Waterbed version Split
This Waterbed model is one of the most sold in the European Waterbed Market. Many brands want it in different versions of foam rails or artificual leather covers for the Split Waterbed Decoration.

Here you will see the detailed description of the waterbed / watermattress Split


Waterbed articles like Foam Rails, Waterbag, Liners, Matress covers, waterbed heaters
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Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress articles like Foam Rails, Mattress Covers, Waterbags and Liners, Waterbed Heaters.


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