Waterbed manufacturing in our Waterbed factory

The first very important thing is that you use a high quality foil for the production of a waterbed. You can choose between many different quality foils for your waterbed product. Some foils are very expansive, but they are important if you want to sell a really Longlife Waterbed

The second step is to cut the foil that will be used for manufacturing the watermattress and Outliner. A waterbed is real handwork. The foils are cutted by hand and machine, because many problems regarding the lonlife of a watermattress product are founded at the start of producing the mattress. The cutting and welding of the waterbags are, between the choice of the Waterbed Vinyl, the most important quality-signs. You can choose between many kinds of cuttings, or give us your own instruction, or a waterbed sample that we can copy for you.

After the cutting of the watermattress-foil and reinforcements, we start welding the waterbed. We use high frequency welding machines for welding the watermattresses and Liners. If a welding is not made from proffessionell waterbed-manufacturer and good machines, you can count the days untill the waterbed has the first leaker.

Our weldings are very clean and regularly. Little welding seams of beginnings. Your waterbed- design can be manufactured in our company.

You can put into the mattress fibers. They minimize the flotation time and have a big influence into the comfort of a waterbed. You can choose between many qualities of fiber. You can have the fibers hanged up on cords in the mattress, or without any attachment. If you have no fibers in the mattress it will be a flotation time of more than 15 seconds. If you put one or two fibers into the waterbag of the waterbed you will have only a flotation time of 8 our 4 seconds. But the flotation time is not only influenced by the quantity of fiber. The quality is another point. We can spray the fibers with Acrylat, or we can choose a thermal hardened fiber for your waterbeds, too.

The welding machines that we use for the waterbeds are high frequency welding machines. They are the best machine-types that you can choose for manufacturing a waterbed. Our employees have many years practise in welding waterbeds and other products made of PVC.



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