Waterbed Film / waterbed foil / waterbed Vinyl / waterbed PVC

Choose the kind of foil / vinyl / PVC that you want for your waterbed. If you have a own waterbed-production, we can deliver you only the waterbed-foil on roll, too. We can offer you a lot of waterbed vinyl / film variations. Some of them are made by BAYER chemicals in Germany, others from chinese or taiwanese deliverers.
We can manufacture waterbeds with the most durable foils produced by BAYER AG from Germany.


Waterbed shells or complete waterbeds with high quality fibers

You can order from us one side opened Watermattress Shells, or completely closed Watermattresses with fiber inside. You can choose the kind of fibers that we integrate into your watermattress. We can offer you many different qualities of Waterbed-Fiber. Fibers in Standard Versions, thermal hardened, sprayed with Acrylat and so on.

Watermattress and Liners for the waterbeds - thickness, colour, ...

You can choose the colour of your watermattress-vinyl after your requirements. Choose between reinforced corners for watermattress and Liners or if you want normal standard weldings. Choose the thickness of the vinyl for watermattress and liners between 8 mil and more than 20 mil (Max. 0,6 mm Thickness are weldable).

Liners for waterbeds like outliner, inliner or stand up liners for hardside and softside waterbeds.

A big problem for resellers that build up their waterbeds on their own, or the consumer, is a opening welding in the corner of the Security Liner (Outliner, Inliner, Stand up Liner) after years of use. In that case they give no securency in the case that the mattress has a leaker. We produce the Liners with or without reinforcements in the corners or complete weldings. A reinforment combined with a thick vinyl makes your Waterbed-Liner more durable.


Mattress covers specially for waterbeds and watermattresses

We can offer you many kinds of mattress covers that are specially made for the use on waterbeds and watermattresses. Tell us what you need and we make you an offer. We normally produce covers with Medicott, Double Jersey, Frottee (most sold in Germany),Damast and so on. We can deliver you the covers from China or our stock in Europe.

Foam Rails for softside waterbeds

We produce foam rails bound with nonwooven textiles for waterbeds in every size and measurements. You can order them with or without reinforcements. We use for the boundations of the foams adhessives of different variations. Allthough adhessives that are useable in bedrooms and are made after the requirements for the DIN that you need.

Waterbed massage system with remote control , vibration motors

We manufacture the famous Massage Booster useable for waterbeds and standard mattresses, massage chairs and recliners. You put this massager under the secure liner of the waterbed, or into the foam of the standard mattress. The massage booster is manufactured with 5, 7 and 10 motors and we can offer you four different remote controlers for this massage system. Digital remote control with many functions. Deliverable with 200-240 V adapter.

Waterbed heaters

We offer longlife waterbed heaters imported from Germany. 5 Years warranty and in electric or digital version. Another good european heater is the Ceramic-Heater. If you need cheap heaters made in Taiwan or Korea feel free to ask us. We can offer you heating systems in every quality-class and price class. Why you should use energy saving heaters like we offer from our european business partners and what you can invent on your product to save more energy you can read here!


Beds and bedframes - not only for waterbeds

We manufacture and design bedrames and headboards for waterbeds and standard mattresses made of wood or upholstered. We manufacture our standard bed programm but you can send us your special design, too. We are proffessional in ODM and OEM manufacturing of bedframes and waterbed-headboard, too.


Pillows filled with water, air, gel or memory foam

Pillows in the height and construction specially made for the use on a waterbed or other kinds of mattresses. Washable cover in chooseable materials.


Waterbeds for pets like cats and dogs

Waterbeds are not only healthy for humans. For petshops waterbeds are the ideal product for special marketings and to show your customers that you are the real innovative leader in your business. More informations about dog and cat waterbeds



Complete Waterbed Set version Split
This Waterbed model is one of the most sold in the European Waterbed Market. Many brands want it in different versions of foam rails or artificual leather covers for the Split Waterbed Decoration.

Here you will see the detailed description of the waterbed / watermattress Split


Complete Waterbed Set version Standard
This Waterbed version is sold to all over the world in different kinds of foam rails and watermattress.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress Standard



Waterbeds of Qiaomenglai manufactures many articles for the waterbed system. One of the leading waterbed manufacturer worldwide. waterbed or watermattress softside hardside. Producer of waterbed brands worldwide. Handmade waterbeds by modern machines. High quality waterbeds.