Waterbed for pets like cat and dog

We manufacture cooling waterbeds for dogs and warmed up waterbeds for cats and dogs. For warmed up pet waterbeds you need a special heater under the mattress that we can deliver suitable for your country.

We can offer you the complete set including pet waterbed heater, pet watermattress, secure liner and bed textile cover with valcron fastener or stretch gum. Below you see two examples of dog and cat waterbed. Your own design is welcome!

Why using a waterbed for your dog or cat? The same reasons why you should use it! If you have a old dog or cat it will love his pet-waterbed!

We manufacture waterbeds for pets in any kind you need. The perfect product for every pet-shop!


Waterbed version Split
This Waterbed model is one of the most sold in the european waterbed market. Many brands want it in different versions of foam rails or artificual leather covers for the Split Waterbed Decoration.

Here you will see the detailed description of the waterbed / watermattress Split


Waterbed version Standard
This waterbed version is sold to all over the world in different kinds of foam rails, covers and watermattress.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress Standard


Waterbed products like foam rails, waterbag / watermattress, liners, matress covers, waterbed heaters
We, as one of the leading waterbed manufacturers worldwide, can offer you any product around the waterbed system. If you don`t find what you want feel free to contact us.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress articles like Foam Rails, Mattress Covers, Waterbags and Liners, Waterbed Heaters.


Joining of Plastics and Composites for manufacturing a waterbed or Watermattress  

Welding a special Waterbed-PVC-Foil to manufacture the watermattress.

Process Description of welding a waterbed or watermattress with Radio Frequency

Waterbed-Foils: Plastics and Composites for manufacturing waterbed foils

Other special sleep products: medical mattresses, gel bed, gel mattress, gel pillows, water pillows, gel sheets, air mattress.



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