Danyang Qiaomenglai Waterbeds Co. LTD is a leading manufacturer for elastic and inflateable PVC components like waterbeds, watermattresses, foam-parts and textiles for industry and commerce. Factory in Danyang Jiangsu province China.

We are a professional and specialized manufacturer of flexible tanks, foil-components for whirlpools and outdour pools, waterbags, waterbeds, watermattresses, foam rails, inflatable toys, nylon-textiles, inflateable pools, snow items mattress-covers, waterbed-sheets and other products of PVC, foam and textiles.

We can manufacture your waterbed or other bedding product in any kind of design, price and quality!
Whether you desire, you can count on Qiaomenglai to find the product that is perfect for you!

Tell us what you need and we will do the rest for you!
In the past we created a lot of innovations for different specialized customers, so customers designs are welcome. Own Logos and trademarks are surely accepted.
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Global company network!
Our export locations include Europe, the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, and many other countries worldwide. For our different products we have a production line in Danyang China and Europe.
You can contact us in following languages: English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

China - where everything is possible!
Our impressive list of loyal customers confirms that we are going the right way in the direction of continued quality and reasonable price. We are proud of our location in China, where everything is possible!

Items: tanks, waterbags Flock/PVC Airbed; Water mattress; waterbeds; Self inflatable air mattress; Snow items; Quick pool; Inflatable pool; Inflatable boat; PVC/Nylon/Rayon mattress; PLayhouse; Beach items; and so on.



Waterbed Manufacturing - our Production Line
Have a look on some pictures and informations regarding the manufacturing and production of waterbeds.

Here you will see the detailed description of the Waterbed / Watermattress Standard



Waterbeds of Qiaomenglai manufactures many articles for the waterbed system. One of the leading waterbed manufacturer worldwide. waterbed or watermattress softside hardside. Producer of waterbed brands worldwide. Handmade waterbeds by modern machines. High quality waterbeds.