Process Description of welding a waterbed or watermattress with Radio Frequency

There are five major steps in the RF process of manufacturing a watermattress or liner for a waterbed:

1) Loading parts. This usually involves laying sheets of the materials to be welded onto the lower fixture and is not considered a critical Operation.
2) Press actuation. This step is initiated by the operator and is usually accomplished by the closure of two palm buttons. If the machine is automated, the fixture will translate the material to be welded into the press System. The press will then lower the upper platen/electrode so that the sheets are clamped between the electrodes by a pre-selected clamp force.
3) RF application. Once the sheets are clamped, the RF electric field is applied. This promotes heating and meltmg of the material clamped by the electrodes. The heating time is usually pre-selected by the operator.
4) Hold phase. After the RF energy is applied to the sheets, the press maintains pressure for a pre-selected length of time (called the hold time) to allow the melt to solidify under pressure.
5) Part unloading. If the equipment is automated, the press will open the electrodes and the lower fixture will translate out of the press unit and allow the operator to remove the welded sample(s).
Table 11.1 contains a listing of the typical times required for the five RF welding steps.

Joining of Plastics and Composites for manufacturing a waterbed or Watermattress  

Welding a special Waterbed-PVC-Foil to manufacture the watermattress.

Process Description of welding a waterbed or watermattress with Radio Frequency

Waterbed-Foils: Plastics and Composites for manufacturing waterbed foils

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