Waterbeds made in China

Since many years most brands from all over the world manufacture their waterbeds about leading industrial companies like us in China. The advantages for manufacturing waterbeds in China are overwhelming. Favorable raw materials and the proximity to the worldwide biggest plastic raw material manufacturers are two important advantages.

One of the other big advantages is the low cost of work for your company and the rising quality of machines made in China.

Many years ago the first US-companies started to give orders to chinese companies. The first chinese manufacturers only manufactured half ready waterbeds. But today some chinese waterbed component manufacturers have learned much more. We trust in a big future for the best sleepsystem worldwide and will try our best to develope new innovative waterbed products to make it every day better!

Danyang Qiaomenglai Waterbeds Co. LTD is one of the leading waterbed manufacturer worldwide. In the case that you search for a factory that will design and manufacture your perfect waterbed system, we are the right choice for you! We manufacture the waterbeds meeting UL, C-UL, CE, CEBEC, CECC, EMV, TÜV, ISO, GS and many other certificates.

OEM and ODM waterbed manufacturing: Manufacturing waterbeds and waterbed components after your requirement and design is our speciality. We produce your special waterbed sleep system and help you also with the improvement and advancement of existing waterbed products

We manufacture and trade with all kinds of waterbed products: Secure liners (outliner, inliner, splitliner), watermattresses, foam rails, waterbed covers, waterbed heaters, waterbed accessories. OEM, ODM or standard products.

Manufacturing of complete waterbed sets: We are the only real waterbed manufacturer in China who offers a ready complete waterbed-set. A complete standard softside waterbed contains the following components: Special watermattress cover, waterbed heater, foam rails, out- and inliner, secureliner.

Bedframes and headboards: We manufacture and design bedframes and headboards for waterbeds and other kind of mattresses. Made of massive wood, veneer or upholstered with real and artifciual leather or microfiber. OEM, ODM or standard products.



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