Gel Pillow

The newest special sleep product innovation is the gel pillow

World novelty. Modern sleep products available after your design.

The design of our "Gel-Pillow" is a brandnew and made of a special patented gel foam combined with a memory foam pillow. The sensational in a patented way manufactured PU gel sheet combined with the memory foam pillow has following unsurpassable skills:

  • Unique Look
    The special gel looks like crystal coloured water, but it can`t leak like a water pillow.
  • Comfortable
    The gel makes the pillow soft and as comfor
    table like a waterpillow. But it gives your body more support.
  • Cool feeling
    The special gel foam always feel cool.
  • Anti-febrile
    Because it`s always cool, it helps to allay headache and febrile temperatures.
  • Well ventilation
    The surface-structure of the gel pillow is designed for well ventilation.
  • Pressure relief
    People who are sensitive regarding pressure love our gel pillow.
  • Shock absorption
    If you like to sleep in the car, bus, train or anywhere else where is much vibration the gel pillow will absorb it.

Memory foam pillows can match our sleeping posture pretty well & disperse pressure when sleeping for a long time. It will relax our neck and body to reach pressure-free feeling. A memory foam pillow combined with the special patented gel foam creates a reasonable structure for you. It not only keeps advantages of comb gel and memory foam, but also avoids heat accumulation from memory foam. Besides of our regular combinated gel and memory foam pillow, we welcome your OEM project also.


Material: Gel foam + Memory foam
Dimension: 490x300x115/65mm
Weight: 1.74kgs
Packing: 1pc/polyba


Waterbed version Split
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Waterbed version Standard
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